Regarding the environment, Aldo Leopold expressed his exasperation with you humans by writing about, “the futility of improving the face of the land without improving ourselves.”  He wrote that in The Ecological Conscience over fifty years ago.

And now you’ve got to pick one of your kind to the highest office in the land, and you’ve got to pick one that is somewhat in charge of themselves psychologically, but you might have to do the same by the time you vote…otherwise you’ll never get the leader you want (and need!).

Here’s a great article by a psychologist who knows what he’s talking about.  Here’s a snippet: It’s up to you, America. Narcissists will always be drawn to politics.  But you have the power to make sure the narcissist in the Oval Office, or in any other elected office, isn’t so addicted to feeling special that they forget the needs of the people who put them there in the first place.