Fish Biologist Seeks Help With Movie Treatment - Hollywood Screenwriter Wants Specifics (DQ-V2)

A photojournalist acquaintance of The Don Quixote of Fish Biologists (DQ for short) told him, “If you can't pitch your idea in a paragraph, then you can't pitch it in five pages either.”

Well, the film idea that DQ has is a complicated one because it's not much different than a typical Robert Altman film...if there is any such thing. Altman supposedly was an astute observer of society and "especially interested in people," with his film characters having "that sloppy imperfection associated with human beings as they are, with life as it is lived."

Consequently, this film will take a critical and occasionally irreverent look at Homo sapiens…particularly human nature.

DQ's story narrative is based on the experiences of a fish biologist driven to make a real difference when it comes to getting a substantial environmental message out, and like Altman’s films will have seemingly diverse and disjointed threads (e.g., psychology, the environment, mental illness, and the fast pace of life), that when merged together will ask the big-picture question whether or not Homo sapiens (i.e., “the wise ones) are capable of averting a dreadful future.

As dire as the message is, the film will not be lacking in humor.  

This proposed movie has two themes; theme 1 is also a purpose, and that is getting a huge environmental message out to the masses - one that gets the average person to never see themselves, or their place in the environment, the same way ever again.  

The second theme has to do with DQ's efforts to find help in getting his environmental message out...most of which have been done in vain.  

He knows that he alone doesn't have the talent to get such a big message out (and often wonders if anyone does).  He also knows his communicative limitations, having more than one cognitive impairment that collectively don't allow him to convey his vision clearly and succinctly (similar to George Lucas’ pitch for Star Wars).

He’s tried for nearly a year to find help with writing a movie treatment, and has been unsuccessful to date…hence, this video series which will give specifics that should explain his insights as to the root causes of most environmental quandaries.  Maybe not surprising, those root causes - which come down to psychology – are the causes of most other social dilemmas.  

He may be delusional, but he believes that his life’s experiences, which aren't lacking in quirkiness, can be the basis for a paradigm shifting message – the likes of which has never been told before.