A Video Made 5-Years Ago Looking For Help With My Book Titled Eclectic Ecolosophy & A Plea For Literay Help

Back when I was hoping to write a book, one from a fish's perspective that took a critical and irreverent look at the human race, I was looking for professional guidance.  But I've long been a fan of Stephen Covey, who pushed, "Begin with the end in mind."  The end in my mind was to make a difference, and I just didn't think that books these days, no matter how well written, could compete with the likes of FB, Twitter or Miley Cyrus and all the other superfluous stuff out there.

I eventually wrote to a successful writer by the name of Rowan Jacobsen and asked if Rachel Carson were alive today - would she have the influence that she did over fifty years ago when she wrote Silent Spring which was a huge environmental game-changer.  What he told me only reinforced what I already knew: As to your other question, sadly, I think that the days when a book like Silent Spring could galvanize the public are gone. It’s hard enough to get anyone to actually read an entire book at all! The world of iPhones and Facebook just makes life too darned distracting. Still, there are many good reasons to buckle down and write a good book. You can at least influence the thinking of the small minority that still reads, and I like to think that this is a group with an outsized ability to act on things! I like to think that, anyway.

Best of luck!

That's when I realized that the only thing that could compete with those distractions and keep peoples' attentions and get to as many as possible was a movie; hence, my article in Best Self Magazinehttps://bestselfmedia.com/a-fish-story-environmental-action/