Three Meltdowns Are Enough For One Winter - But, Winter Isn't Over Yet!

This video shows the third major meltdown of the winter of 2021-2022.  In past years, we've had up to five!

Climate change is very apparent here in Southwest Alaska.  It changes the way people get basically affects an entire way of life. 

It's affected the fish and animals.

The Kuskokwim River usually gets several million chum salmon for the entire drainage, but the sonar estimate down at Bethel was less than 40,000!  Chum salmon were virtually non-existent in the Aniak River, where in some years it gets close to 1-million.  I traveled for 30-miles on the Aniak River, and only saw three chums - and zero carcasses along the shoreline!  There was no smell of rotting fish like usual, and no sign of gulls or eagles scavenging the carcasses...because, there were no carcasses.