You don’t want to get me going on this – first off, how many people consider hydropower to be a “clean ” source of energy…NOT!

Here’s what the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario had to say about the impacts of hyrdropower on us fishes: 

The discretionary ministerial powers afforded under both the federal Fisheries Act and the provincial LRIA have rarely, if ever, been used to actually require fishway construction. Moreover, Class EAs for six completed waterpower projects seem to overlook fish passage for species other than the American eel, and to ignore the cumulative impacts that multiple projects and barriers might have on fish migration and mortality. Also, the ESA has so far failed to ensure passage for even Ontario’s at-risk fish species, because of: delayed recovery strategies; overdue and ineffective government response statements; and weakened oversight of waterpower operators’ mitigation measures.

But then you have CEO’s of hydroelectric companies thinking their hydro projects are clean and that they are worth millions a year in salary; I’d say they’re delusional on both fronts.

Just one more example of the relentless pressures we fishes face every day!


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