Gibberish, it’s not just for individuals with ADD anymore!

Seems I’m sticking to environmentally-minded quotes of the day; which was the original intent of this series.  Keep in mind I’m a fish, some would say a cynical one, but I see myself as a realist when it comes to describing your species with your quirky – and often troubling – behaviors.  And I have to keep reminding you what your scientific name – i.e., Homo sapiens – means.  It means “the wise or rational” ones!  Come on folks…get real; is that not the most egregious misnomer or what?     

This quote, unfortunately, is not any less disturbing than yesterday’s because this is a Pennsylvania legislator – one who heads up the Environmental Resources & Energy committee.  He’s someone who helps shape the laws in that state…hopefully, he doesn’t help shape too many of them.

For this is what he said regarding climate change and the amount of CO2 that you humans are unceasingly pumping into the atmosphere. In essence, he likes CO2 and welcomes more – because he likes his vegetables.  Imagine that, will you!

Is that pathetic or what? 

Here’s exactly what state representative Daryl Metcalfe said: “Just to be on record, I enjoy my vegetables, and plants need CO2, so I want to make sure we have plenty of CO2 out there so we have green grass and green vegetables growing. 

We need CO2, we can’t eliminate all CO2. We are going to have an interesting debate for those that want to reduce something that is actually needed by our environment. And claiming that they are improving the environment.”

I’m afraid you couldn’t make this shit up people.  “The wise ones” – ye, right.  To think that he has probably watched this and feels no tinge of apprehension what so ever. 

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