I don’t think that I’ve ever heard so much gibberish in one place, or over one issue, as I have with these Republican Governors over the COVID19 situation…where their respective states are experiencing colossal surges in cases. I’m all for optimism, but this not only crosses the line…it’s flat out bull shit! Is there no better example than what’s going on in S. Dakota? That state ranks second in the U.S. for new cases per capita. Yet, Governor Kristi Noem says, that “…their results have been incredible”. It’s her spin on things that’s incredible!

This article regarding the world’s most immediate health crisis, is loaded with so much gibberish that it should cause the heads to spin of not only those with ADD…but anyone who has a lick of sense.

Here’s the whole crux of the situation – and do keep in mind that I’m a fish, and this is my perspective on how you humans operate – that comes down to Asa Hutchinson’s remark at the end of the linked article:  “….the only way you can navigate through this crisis is by simply making sure that we have individual discipline.”

Discipline my ass!  You humans rarely show the discipline that’s needed avert the myriad problems you bring on yourselves…that’s why you have so many!

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