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Gibberish Quote Of The Day (GQD #4 Feb 5, 2020) Trump's State of the Union Address

Gibberish - it's not just for those with ADD anymore

Had I bet that million dollars mentioned on yesterday’s GQD, I’d be a rich fish!  I’ve got to start out with Trump’s endowing the Medal of Freedom on Rush Limbaugh.  Here’s what he said about the controversial radio host: “In recognition for all you have done for our nation (like further divide it - my comment), the millions of people a day that you speak to and inspire……”   

Gibberish Quote of the Day (GQD #3) The World's Easiest Ever Prognostication (Trump's SOU Speech)

Gibberish, it's not just for individuals with ADD anymore!

Without a doubt, this is going to be the easiest prognostication that there ever was in the history of mankind (or fishkind). 

Tonight, Tuesday February 4th - 2020, we will hear the most inane gibberish ever spewed forth in a State of the Union speech by any President of the United States.  I'd bet a million dollars on it.  

My First Attempt At Glenn Close in 2012 - Narrator of the Environmental Movie Home

The Vent: 

This inquiry was written back in 2012 to an organization that Glenn Close was involved with, three years after the movie Home was released.  Home was an environmental movie directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand that had exquisite aerial pictures of either georgious natural places, or places devastated my homo sapiens.  It shows the diversity of life on earth and how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet.

Personal 2019 Earth Day Story By The Don Quixote of Fish Biologists

I wish that for Earth Day, I could pen an uplifting story that shines a spotlight on all that is good with the environment…I really do.  But I’ve learned there comes a time when we must face reality. 

Our planet is wheezing from air pollution; it’s choking on plastics; our climate altering CO2 emissions are only increasing; amphibians and insects are dropping like flies (pun intended), wildfires and floods are now common much of the year.  On a world-wide scale, biological diversity is rapidly declining.

Gibberish Quote Of The Day: PA Legislator - I Like My Vegetables We Need More CO2 (GQD #6 Feb 24, 2019)

Gibberish, it's not just for individuals with ADD anymore!

Seems I’m sticking to environmentally-minded quotes of the day; which was the original intent of this series.  Keep in mind I’m a fish, some would say a cynical one, but I see myself as a realist when it comes to describing your species with your quirky - and often troubling - behaviors.  And I have to keep reminding you what your scientific name – i.e., Homo sapiens – means.  It means “the wise or rational” ones!  Come on folks…get real; is that not the most egregious misnomer or what?