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I've not had many posts dealing with the environment here, but frankly there are too many crazy things going on in American politics that are overshadowing environmental concerns.  If you've been noticing, there has been a paucity of environmental discourse over the past few months on American news...even during the Presidential debates.    

However, the results of next Tuesday's election can have major implications on the future of the environment...and not just in America.  

In the near future I'll be expending great effort on my part to get your specific epithet changed from Homo sapiens to Homo irrationalis...and it may not be obvious to you why I'm doing this, but just give it a little more time.  To help you along, however, I've linked an artilce by Chris Hedges titled American Irrationalism

This isn't a blog, but it's a video showing sockeye salmon spawning in a remote Alaska river and the connection between pristine habitat and the freshwater lifecycle of salmon, from the female salmon building their redds in the gravel in a section of side channel with sufficient upwelling to courtship behavior to juvenile salmon rearing among a phenominal example of habitat complexity in the form of LWD (i.e., large woody debris).


I by no means am a fan of Sean Hannity (in fact he is one of my least favorite people - he made a mockery of efforts to protect the delta smelt that are on the verge of extinction in San Francisco Bay), but came across this where Hillary denies receiving or sending classified E-mails on her private server http://www.hannity.com/articles/hanpr-election-493995/watch-22-times-hillary-said-she-14893833/.

In order for something to be great…particularly the world’s most powerful country, it has to be run by sane individuals.  How bizarre are things getting in the good ol’ US of A? 

It wasn’t long ago that the GOP’s Presidential debates were something of a farce; the name calling, etc. was not laudable but laughable.  It was the Democrats who gave the impression of a democracy in action with their civil near picture-perfect debates.  Now look how things have turned out for both sides, yet the common theme at both conventions is unity. 

How many of you humans are quick to point out how big industry - like the coal or petroleum producers - is the reason for many of the environmental problems facing the human race?

There are a tremendous amount of hyprocrites out there that need to pull the log out of your eye and realize how the human race is collectively fouling the nest in which you - and I - rely upon.  

Nightingale! Thou Surely Art

I heard a Stock-dove sing or say

His homely tale, this very day;

His voice was buried among trees,

Yet to be come-at buy the breeze:

He did not cease, but cooed--and cooed;

And somewhat pensively he wooed;

He sang of love, with quiet blending,

Slow to begin, and never ending;

Of serious faith, and inward glee;

That was the song, - the song for me!

         William Wordsworth 1770-1850


Regarding the environment, Aldo Leopold expressed his exasperation with you humans by writing about, "the futility of improving the face of the land without improving ourselves."  He wrote that in The Ecological Conscience over fifty years ago.

And now you've got to pick one of your kind to the highest office in the land, and you've got to pick one that is somewhat in charge of themselves psychologically, but you might have to do the same by the time you vote...otherwise you'll never get the leader you want (and need!).

Being a fish with the last name Cynicalis, I ask myself how did you humans get to this point?  And then...where is it going to end? 

Could this be why you're circling the drain?