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Is this crazy or what?  It's no wonder so many humans don't know what to believe or who to trust these days!

This is an ex-policeman who put so many people in danger...and probably killed a few, if not many. 

Was justice served - he got 10 years for this autrocity. 



It’s been pretty hard for me to stay focused on environmental issues with everything going on in your lives these days...especially in what you call the United States, a place that is so far from united that it’s pathetic. 

Unfortunately, I’m afraid you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

You humans and your many misnomers really crack me up!  My gut tells me that you’ll be wringing your hands shortly after you wring in the New Year! 

If you're not familiar with my writings (or rants), then you've never heard me proclaim the need for you humans to get in charge of yourselves - i.e., individually and collectively - psychologically in order to avert widespread ecological and social calamity. 

I'm hoping here to explain what I mean by that. 

I occassionally hang out with a fish biologist who is jokingly referred to as "the Don Quixote of Fish Biologists" by a couple of his older Fish & Wildlife Service cronies.  

This is a follow-up blog for the post the other day discussing how poorly you humans communicate (the title went something like this - If Only You Humans Could Communicate Half As Good As Animals).  Now I have to be careful, if I point out how "the wise one" constantly demonstrate otherwise, I'll lose the few followers I have on this site.

Years ago if you were playing tennis or pinnacle how many of your friends, other than the ones you were playing with, were doing the very same thing?  But the next time you’re on the computer - particularly on FB, Twitter or Instagram - notice how many “friends” are doing the same?  Odds are - it’s a hell of a lot!  (And that could include someone who is driving!!) 


Well people, looks like many of you have gotten duped by the best of them.  But I'll bet that you dupees won't admit it for a long time...if you ever do.  Denial is not a river in Egypt...you know!  Be prepared, there will be many on the other side saying, "I told you so." 

And you thought I was cynical - check this guy's thoughts out. 


No mention of the environment in this article, but the ramifications of it and the results of tommorow's election will cascade through the environment at some point in time!

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Tomorrow, or at least its outcome, could be very interesting and add further to the tensions and turmoil in the United States.  Donald Trump has stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the company that's pushing the Dakota Acess Pipeline. No doubt Mr. Trump won't look favorably on what's going on in N. Dakota, or any other environmental concern for that matter...particulalry climate change.  

I've been saying this for some time now, and if Mr. Trump gets in the Whitehouse the United States (what a misnomer that is - you're about as united as the North and the South were during your Civil War...hmmm, does history repeat itself?) will be frowned upon by so many other countries who understand what is at stake.