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Although this isn't a tweet on Twitter, my comments will be less than 140 characters; I'll let others tell the story.

Randy Olson thinks it's a big deal

Here's the Guardian's spin.


I've said this somewhere before, but I feel compelled to say it again.  Don't you humans realize that in this day and age, with so many pressing issues, that you must be as efficient and effective as possible?  I've lost track of how many times I've heard one of your politicians claim that you are vernturing into "uncharted waters".  Maybe that picture on the left plays a big part in that!

On today’s morning walk there’s nothing as morally challenging, or as interesting, as a handsome man in cycling shorts.

Here's the second uplifing post of the new year!  Unfortunatley, there's only going to be another few weeks before my blood pressure rises to where certain people will accuse me of being way too cynical about the events of the day. 

I will let this picture speak for itself. 

Happy New Year and may the new year be filled with joy and happiness.  I'll do my best the make the best of it!

Sometimes I worry about my friend "The Don Quixote of Fish Biologists", for he doesn't let go of his life's mission of heightening the public's awareness of environmental issues...this mass extinction thing being just one (although when it's all said and done, it's just indicative of what the future holds for the human race).

Boy - it's hard to imagine that not only have so many people been duped (actually conned)...they couldn't care less because all they wanted was for Hillary to not get elected.  Yes, a high proportion of Tump's fans despised both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton so much that Trump's bizarre shenanigans (and that's being kind) don't even make them bat an eye. 

For those with a sense of humor, which I have, you gotta love how so many of your politicians use the term, “I’m not a scientist”, and then go on to disregard what scientists are telling them regarding matters of great concern.

A specter is haunting American environmentalism – the specter of failure.

All of us who have been part of the environmental movement in the United States must now face up to a deeply troubling paradox: Our environmental organizations have grown in strength and sophistication, but the environment has continued to go downhill, to the point that the prospect of a ruined planet is now very real. How could this have happened?


Informed by great people - WTF happened people (and I'm not necessarily talking during just the past few months)?