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Has Mr. Trump Ever Felt Glee For Anything Natural In Nature

Nightingale! Thou Surely Art

I heard a Stock-dove sing or say

His homely tale, this very day;

His voice was buried among trees,

Yet to be come-at buy the breeze:

He did not cease, but cooed--and cooed;

And somewhat pensively he wooed;

He sang of love, with quiet blending,

Slow to begin, and never ending;

Of serious faith, and inward glee;

That was the song, - the song for me!

         William Wordsworth 1770-1850


You Humans Need To Get In Charge Of Yourselves Psychologically More Than Ever!

Regarding the environment, Aldo Leopold expressed his exasperation with you humans by writing about, "the futility of improving the face of the land without improving ourselves."  He wrote that in The Ecological Conscience over fifty years ago.

And now you've got to pick one of your kind to the highest office in the land, and you've got to pick one that is somewhat in charge of themselves psychologically, but you might have to do the same by the time you vote...otherwise you'll never get the leader you want (and need!).

Coming Soon - A Blog Titled "Circling The Drain" Inspired By The Venerable George Carlin And His Cynical Perspective On The Human Race (remember, my name is Cyprinid Cynicalis)

In preparation for that blog, here's the link to a video clip that features some of his thoughts about what we humans have done - and are doing - to our planet that might be resilient...but it's not infinitely resilient: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xp-z1zw4u0

Why Even The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Neglects The Fishes They Espouse To Revere

 “Basically, we’ve got way too many animals on too small an area for too long a time.  They’re way over the elk refuge’s carrying capacity.”  Barry Reiswig - Refuge Manager of the National Elk Refuge Jackson, Wyoming 1996 - 20071

Photo to the left - National Park Service photo.  All other photos by "The Don Quixote of Fish Biologists"

Why Even The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Neglects The Fishes They Espouse To Revere

If Homo Sapiens Got As Excited About The Environment As They Did About Other Things - My Habitat May Not Be In Such Rough Shape

Now this goes along with that last post where I ask, "Can humans agree on anything?".  Obviously the person who made this depiction of a lot of humans getting excited about a fictional movie was making the point that Homo sapiens (i.e., the wise ones) may not be so wise when it comes to expending much of their energies on trivial matters.  And as is often the case with you humans, there were plenty of disagreement over their assertion.

Einstein Even Had A Soft Spot For Us Fishes

I put this particular picture in with the comments on the right for a particular reason.  And that is that some day I'll be writing a post asking whether or not humans can agree on anything.  It seems that there is one person who thinks that this cartoon is spot on, while another basically calls bull shit.  

I pay close attention comments to blogs, and there are very few post that I don't find similar argumentative perspectives.  Seems to me that you humans live in a  culture driven by never-ending arguments.

Another What Were They Thinking (WWTT): Muslims Won't Deliver Beer

Now I'm going to touch on a few highly controversial topics with you humans in this post, and I want it known from the onset that I'm not supporting or bashing any religion or any individual's sexual orientation.  There might be some of you that get upset simply because I'm going to show a clip from Fox News because very often many of you (i.e., liberal-minded types) accuse them of being one-sided...even though their claim is to provide "Fair and Balanced" news.