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Years ago if you were playing tennis or pinnacle how many of your friends, other than the ones you were playing with, were doing the very same thing?  But the next time you’re on the computer - particularly on FB, Twitter or Instagram - notice how many “friends” are doing the same?  Odds are - it’s a hell of a lot!  (And that could include someone who is driving!!) 


Well people, looks like many of you have gotten duped by the best of them.  But I'll bet that you dupees won't admit it for a long time...if you ever do.  Denial is not a river in Egypt...you know!  Be prepared, there will be many on the other side saying, "I told you so." 

And you thought I was cynical - check this guy's thoughts out. 


No mention of the environment in this article, but the ramifications of it and the results of tommorow's election will cascade through the environment at some point in time!

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Tomorrow, or at least its outcome, could be very interesting and add further to the tensions and turmoil in the United States.  Donald Trump has stock in Energy Transfer Partners, the company that's pushing the Dakota Acess Pipeline. No doubt Mr. Trump won't look favorably on what's going on in N. Dakota, or any other environmental concern for that matter...particulalry climate change.  

I've been saying this for some time now, and if Mr. Trump gets in the Whitehouse the United States (what a misnomer that is - you're about as united as the North and the South were during your Civil War...hmmm, does history repeat itself?) will be frowned upon by so many other countries who understand what is at stake.  


This election is going to go down as the craziest thing you Americans have pulled in a long time...hopefully it's not going to be just the beginning of further dysfunction.  I've long thought you are a dysfunctional lot, and at one time that was going to be the focus of my book effort - but I know how you don't take criticism all that well.  Potential publishers told me a book telling you what you don't want to here won't sell...but I just might have to revisit that theme and see what happens!

I'm most definitely not being cynical here - I just want to express my frustrations with you humans - especially economists - who have a hard time of dealing with the "externalities" of the burgeoning environmental problems that you just can't seem to grasp because they aren't directly affecting you as individuals or aren't in your back yard. For God's sake, young children are dying! 

I've not had many posts dealing with the environment here, but frankly there are too many crazy things going on in American politics that are overshadowing environmental concerns.  If you've been noticing, there has been a paucity of environmental discourse over the past few months on American news...even during the Presidential debates.    

However, the results of next Tuesday's election can have major implications on the future of the environment...and not just in America.  

In the near future I'll be expending great effort on my part to get your specific epithet changed from Homo sapiens to Homo irrationalis...and it may not be obvious to you why I'm doing this, but just give it a little more time.  To help you along, however, I've linked an artilce by Chris Hedges titled American Irrationalism